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Nicosia's New Horizon

“Living in the capital always holds a special allure. But living in the upmarket centre of Nicosia
multiplies the benefits by two major factors: practicality and prestige.
Nicosia's New Horizon

Make it your home

And you will add unrivalled exclusivity to the list of advantages.

Nicosia's New Horizon

Central Attraction

Welcome to a new concept in urban living.

State of the art living

Take a closer look inside Central Park Residences and you will discover sheer sophistication, both in what you see… and what you don’t see.
State of the art living

Finest finish

From marble and floating hardwood floors to engineered stone wortops and premium fittings.

State of the art living


Is luxuriously easy with special features like automated window shading, and privacy is protected within your sound insulated walls.

An extraordinary view of life

Elite and exclusive, safe and secure, Central Park Residences has no equal in Nicosia and is comparable only to its sister project in Limassol, Olympic Residence.
An extraordinary view of life

Unique penthouse

For the pinnacle of urban exclusivity, Central Park Residences' one of a kind, two-storey penthouse delivers the dream.

An extraordinary view of life

Unmistakable landmark

Towering over the city centre with stunning views across Nicosia's new green heart, the slick and slimline high-rise building emerges as an unmistakable landmark.

Five-star lifestyle

Add value to your home and wellbeing to your life.

Concierge Foyer

Concierge Foyer

Magnificent foyer with concierge service.

A life of leisure

A life of leisure

Hi-tech gym and spa.

A life of leisure
Automated valet parking

Automated valet parking

Self-parking and security system.

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